What does the money raised actually support?

All procedes from the tournament will go toward supporting  Multiple Sclerosis Research and Support Programs through donations to the National MS Society.

Where can I fish?

The tournament launch is from Anncarrows Landing.  All participants must be present for the captain's meeting at the launch site just prior to the 8:00am launch.  If there is a body of water other than Anncarrows Landing that you wish to fish, that is ok, however you MUST be at the captain's meeting and no fish caught before 8:00am or after 4:00pm will be accepted.  Please insure that the date and time is set correctly on your camera and your memory card starts off with no other photos.

How do you know that someone isn't just taking photos of fish caught earlier in the week with their date set incorrectly when that fish is caught?

A tournament token will be issued to each participant at the captain's meeting.  This will be a unique token that MUST be present in all photos submitted.

How do you know that someone's ruler is not scaled incorrectly?

Accepted measuring devices include: Hook1's Hawg Trough, All standard Fish Rulers sold through sporting goods and outdoor stores (Bass Pro, Cabella's, Greentop, etc...), or rulers that will be provided at the captain's meeting.

How will we ensure proper judging of tourney submissions?

There will be a tournament committee set up of unbiased judges who will review all submissions and make a determination of points.

I am not an angler but this seems like a good cause, how can I contribute?

You can make a donation to the cause through the typical registration methods.  You can also make a donation in person anytime during the event.  However, if you have ever wanted to give fishing a try, the annual shad run is a great opportunity to give fishing a chance.  Shad fishing is not terribly difficult to pick up and can be a blast.  If you need assistance in rigging for shad, or methods for shad fishing, ask the tournament director at the captain's meeting.  If you would like to make a monetary or product donation, please email msshadshootout@gmail.com and arrangements can be made.

I would like to fish but do not have a boat or kayak to get out on the water.  Will this put me at a disadvantage?

No!  The location we picked for this tournament offers some of the best fishing by boat or by shore.  While boaters may be able to cover more ground, the shore fishing opportunities at Anncarrows provide a great chance at catching that winning fish.